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12C Spider

Every Part Tells A Story:

Our 134th open top car is more than just another convertible; it's the next in a series of McLaren's stretching back over five decades.  Our open top cars have won Grand Prixes across five continents, dominated entire race series' and been driven by multiple world champions.  Now McLaren have applied the same formula of engineering expertise and innovative design to create the 12C Spider, the latest member of the 12C family.

Designed to bring owners the exhilaration of open top driving, but with no compromise to the performance - the 12C Spider is engineered to combine the speed and precision of the 12C with a unique retractable hard top (RHT) folding roof system.  To preserve the dynamic character of the coupe, McLaren have further developed its innovative technology platforms for the 12C Spider to create a luxury convertible sports car that offers owners spectacular performance with remarkable usability.

Built on the same groundbreaking carbon MonoCell chassis found at the centre of the 12C - the torsional rigidity of a carbon fibre construction brings a new dimension of performance to the 12C Spider.  The structural integrity of the vehicle is built into the MonoCell, minimising flex across the chassis negating the traditional requirement for additional strengthening around the doors and pillars. This ensures the 12C Spider remains lightweight at only 1475KG, preserving the performance and dynamic handling of a coupe whilst delivering the open top exhilaration of a convertible.

The 12C Spider shares the lightweight, high powered M838T engine with the MY13 12C, developing an incredible 625 PS (616 bhp) and delivering staggering levels of acceleration and speed.  On the 12C Spider, a new glass house has been developed for the redesigned rear deck to display the engine, even with the RHT deployed in both open and closed modes.  The ProActive Chassis Control and Adaptive Damping systems debuted on the 12C also feature on the 12C Spider, the Normal, Sport and Track modes – allow the 12C Spider to deliver the usability and versatility that has become the hallmark of the 12C family.

The new RHT system for the 12C Spider continues the innovation story started on the 12C, and is built from the same lightweight materials that can be found across the 12C family.  The 12C Spider gains only 40KG in weight and thanks to revised aerodynamic packaging, experiences minimal additional aerodynamic efficiency reductions.

Our 134th open top car, the 12C Spider, joins the 12C as another first - McLaren's no compromise convertible.